ABB Arc Guard System

Arc Guard System™ quickly detects an arc fault and trips the incoming circuit-breaker.


Technical Data
Type TVOC-2
Reaction time to trip < 100mS
Detectors Light Sensor (Fiber Optic Sensor)
Optical inputs and output 10 inputs up to 30 inputs
Acceptable backlight intensity light without tripping 3000 lux



HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • Handles settings with key-pad and full text display
  • Holds error log and trip information after power loss
  • Error log and trip log include time/date stamp from a real-time clock
  • TVOC-2 can handle two separate HMI:s (cabinet door and on product)
  • Three-meter cable included

Sensor & Sensor modules

  • Fiber-optic sensors not affected by electrical noise
  • Pre-calibrated sensors remove need for manual configuration
  • Up to 30 detectors can be connected


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