Digital Meter

The measure of energy efficiency


Technical Data
Type  M2M
Voltage range From 24 to 240 V AC/DC
Current inputs 1, 5A
Frequency range 45 - 65 Hz
Active energy Accuracy Class 1
Size 96x96 mm.
Communication interface Modbus RTU,RS485



With the M2M analyser it is possible to keep the electrical consumption of all types of system under control, measuring them in real time both in economic and environmental impact terms, thanks to the immediate conversion into Euros and CO2 kg.


  • Fixing clips which ensure the device is held reliably on the front-panel, making it immune to vibrations and temperature fluctuations
  • Auxiliary multi-voltage power supply, from 24 V DC to 230 V AC
  • Real time display of energy consumption also in Euros and kg CO2
  • Multilingual backlit display with two lines of scrolling text to guide and help the user in reading data and programming. Safety password for protecting settings
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use front keypad for navigating screens and configuring the device. IP50 protection on the front case
  • Reduced depth: only 57 mm inside the panel. Ease of cabling guaranteed by removable terminals
  • Communication without limits thanks to the availability of different protocols for all types of network and programmable analogue and digital inputs/outputs


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