ABB Outdoor Disconnector Switch

Up to 170kV


Technical Data
Type of Disconnector Switch eDB 72.5 - 170
Installation  Outdoor
Design Horizontal type, Convention type 
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Highest Voltage for equipment (kV) 72.5 - 170kV
Rated Current (A) 1600A or 2500A
Rated Short Circuit Current (kA) Up to 40kA/3ses
Applied Standard IEC 62271-102 and IEC 62271-1 



A mechanical device for providing isolation of power equipment from the network, a disconnector is suitable for switching very small currents or where no significant change in voltage occurs across the terminals. The option of earthing sections of power systems can be made available by providing each disconnector pole with one or two earthing switches.



The eDB Disconnectors are designed as per IEC 62271-102 and IEC 62271-1 standards. Other international regulations can be met on request.

Type tests on the disconnectors are carried out by accredited testing laboratories in accordance with the latest regulations. Comprehensive electrical and mechanical routine tests are carried out on the poles and operating mechanism of each disconnector ensuring world class quality.




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