ABB GAS Insulated Switchgear

Modular and flexible, Up to 170kV


Technical Data
Type  ELK-04
Enclosure Three phase
Rated Voltage (KV) 145/170
Rated Normal Current (A) 2500/3150/4000
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current, 3s (kA) 40/50/63



Compact, completely encapsulated active components

  • No influence of environmental conditions
  • Modular, flexible und volume optimized
  • Minimum volume of insulating gas, high gas tightness
  • Reliable function at high altitudes (> 1000m)
  • High reliability and availability

High Economic Efficiency

  • Low life cycle - and maintenance costs
  • Long economic life-time (> 40 years)
  • Pre-fabricated, pre-tested - short project processing time

Energy Efficient

  • Flexible Integration within center of power consumption
  • Ideal solution for integration of renewables
  • Intelligent secondary technology
Integrated Technology


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