The Hybrid Switchgear Up to 170kV


Technical Data
Type of Hybrid Switchgear   PASS M00 PASS M0
Installation  Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz 50 Hz
Rated Voltage (kV) 72.5 - 100kV 72.5 - 170kV
Rated Current (A) Up to 2000A Up to 2500A
Rated short time withstand current (3 s) Up to 31.5kA  Up to 40kA 
Applied Standard IEC Standard IEC Standard


The advantages

Relatively inexpensive AIS Busbar.

  • yet traditionally highly reliable

All live contacts in SF6.

  • experience has shown that AIS DS contacts require relatively high levels of maintenance whereas the experience with GIS has been complete the opposite

SF6 technology means less ongoing maintenance.

  • higly reliable equipment leading to a lower whole life cycle cost

Fewer switching elements.

  • use of highly reliable GIS style switches permits rationalization of switching elements

Competitive installed cost.

  • time on site minimised
  • risk of delay due to adverse site conditions is reduced
  • less demand on skilled resources at site

High degree of factory assembly.

  • higher quality of finished bay than assembly under site conditions generally can

Facilitates monitoring / on-line diagnostics.

  • Integrated nature of the plant facilitates the introduction of electronic monitoring and on / line remote diagnostic analysis

Modular spares.

  • modular nature of the equipment allows adoption of a unit replacement maintenance philosophy in the event of failure => rapid return to service of plant with subsequent repair of falulty unit in the workshop

Modularization of the sub stations.

  • saving during design and construction
  • minimal variations using standardized components
  • lower risk of design error
  • higher confidence in project estimation as costs are predictable


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