ABB Live Tank Circuit Breakers

Up to 170kV


Technical Data
Type  LTB D 72.5 - 170
Installation  Indoor / Outdoor
Design SF6 Auto-Puffer™ interrupter  Spring operating mechanisms or Motor Drive
Insulation SF6
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Highest System Voltage (kV) 72.5 - 170kV
Rated Current (A) Up to 4000A
Rated Short Circuit Current (kA) Up to 50kA /3ses
Insolators  Composite or Porcelain
Creepage distance ≥ 25 mm/kV
  (Longer on request)
Type Operation  Single  or Three-Pole
Applied Standard ANSI and IEC



  • LTB is available for single- or three-pole operation.
  • For circuit breakers with one breaking element per pole, both modes of operation are possible. For two-chamber circuit breakers only single-pole operation applies.
  • For three-pole operation, the circuit breaker poles and the operating mechanism are linked together with pull rods. On every pole there is an individual opening spring controlled by the pull rod.
  • There is however one exception.
  • In the LTB D three-pole operation case there is only one opening spring controlling all three poles and it is mounted on the pole furthest away from the operating mechanism Each circuit breaker pole constitutes a sealed SF6 filled unit, which includes the breaking unit, the hollow post insulator and the mechanism housing.
  • The three poles of the circuit breaker can be mounted on individual pole supports or in the case of LTB D on a common support frame (pole beam).


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